Thursday, November 17, 2011

contradictions & the O_O

so i recently said on my twitter that having my album art makes me feel like eyes are already big but this is like "deer in the headlights!"

this is soooo true. this week marks the official end of recording my first album. it is a 7 song EP. EP just means that its not your normal 10+ song length album. one would think that now that i'm finished recording that the O_O would be over...not even close. while i was in the comfort of the studio it was just me, my producer, my instruments and a DELETE key. but is finished. i have put my heart and soul into those 7 songs, they are part of me. they are personal. and now i'm going to let the world see into my heart. cue the O_O!!!!!

when it comes to something i create i can pick it TO DEATH. if i listen to a song 50 times i can probably hear 50 things that could change. is contradictions (my album title) perfect? no. but i'm kind of glad about that because i'm not perfect either. there are some imperfections that i purposefully left in there. i'm not interested in auto-tuned, squeaky clean perfection. i wanted a reflection of me, a reflection of my emotional outlet.

so, with that in mind, is contradictions perfect? absolutely. i've put my all in and i'm really proud of it. i can't wait to share it with you guys...but it also makes me feel O_O its scary to put yourself out there! but hey! everyone should be a little dauntless every now and then!