Thursday, December 8, 2011

release date, pre-order, & a little something FREE!

my debut EP, "CONTRADITIONS" IS HERE!! i signed the first set of cds tonight and picked up a few. this was my reaction:

so as soon as i put the news out on the intraweb the big question started rolling in....when can i get one??? well the answer is RIGHT NOW!!!

here's how this whole release thingy is going to go down:


if you would like an actual autographed cd (for those of you under 18...that's one of those little shiny round things old people stick in that slot in the dash board) you can buy it now by clicking on that little "buy now" button up on the right. this will redirect you to my PayPal where you can purchase the album for $7.99 plus a small shipping fee. once you do that it will ship out on the release date. if you live near me and would like to pick the cd up from me personally and skip the small shipping fee please click here and email me and we can make that happen for you!

digital copies:

if you don't know what a cd is OR you just prefer the digital version you will be able to simply click on that little music player to the right on the release date and it will direct you to my bandcamp website where you can buy and download the album immediately. the word "buy" will show up on the music player on release day!

so when is this release day i keep talking about? TUESDAY!! on december 13 you can download the entire album and all pre-ordered cds will be mailed. has this really cool feature where i can set a price but you can choose to donate any amount beyond that. the digital album will kick off at $5 from now until january 1. i'm setting this discounted price for the rest of 2011 because once the new year rolls around the album will hit iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, etc.

and now for a little something FREE:

from now until Tuesday you can download "Contradiction (acoustic version)" for FREE! on the music player to the right you can click on the album cover art and be re-directed to bandcamp for a free download! once you're on my site you'll see that the acoustic version is free and ready for download. i'm so uber excited tonight i had to give you something! and just a heads up...this version of Contradiction is limited, it may not be around forever!

one last thing.....

you can hear ALL THE SONGS NOW on the music player. you may not be able to purchase them all yet but you can still listen!! AND YOU CAN SHARE!!! if you click share it will give you options to spread the word about the album. i am shamelessly asking for a share! if you like what you hear and enjoy the free song please, PLEASE share on your blog, twitter, facebook, email, get an umbrella & bird get the picture :)

thanks so much to all of you for your continued support! this journey has already been amazing and it has only begun!

much love -


signing the stacks...