Monday, April 18, 2011

creative energy

There's nothing I love more than creative energy. From playing music, to writing melodies & lyrics, to sitting with my amazing writer best friend and talking about things like, "now how do you think she'd say that," or "would someone really react that way here?"

I love creative energy! This Saturday I attended the SOKY Bookfest for the first time and loved it! Because my best friend is a writer (and very involved in SCBWI) I got to meet a lot of really sweet, amazing, and down to earth writers. You should definitely go check out each of these people and buy like 10 of their books! They're really great people and I've made it super easy for you, just click on their name!

Courtney Stevens Potter - she's not published YET and doesn't have an author website but she just informed me that we can have a party when she gets 100 followers on Twitter so this is her link. go! follow...parties are fun!
Kristen Tubb
Jennifer Trafton
Cynthea Liu
Jennifer Bradbury
Vicky Alvear Shecter
Tracy Barrett
Kathryn Williams
Nicholas Sparks - okay...I didn't meet him or even hear him speak but those first 4 books are TRUE stories and that's just freakin' ridiculous!

If any of you authors actually see this, thanks so much for the creative energy and the art of story telling!